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Platonic Solids: The First Three Weeks

POLYDRONS (April 5 -19, 2018) In the past, I’ve often made the mistake of getting out “manipulatives”* to help students discover a certain mathematical concept only to find that the students wanted to engage in open-ended exploration. They weren’t interested in my agenda. So, for this course, I put the Polydrons on the table with no guidelines for two weeks….

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New Math Circle Courses for 2017-18

Here are our unofficial course schedules for the upcoming year. Once they become official (after some possible extremely minor tweaking), registration info will be posted on the Talking Stick website.   Our Algorithmic Culture Dates: Thursdays, 3:30-4:45pm, 9/7-10/26 (8 weeks, 75-minute sessions, 10 hours total) Suggested Ages: 13+ What are algorithms and how do they drive our culture? We’ll examine…

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The Platonic Solids: Never Mind

Developing collaborative problem-solving through the joyful art of mathematics.   Since Euler codified the concept of functions, we started with a function machine. It was challenging to get past the design phase to play with the math, but after applying a chimney to a fish, we did. The first rule was quickly deduced: “It makes it half; it takes half…

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