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New Natural Playground at Talking Stick!

What was, a couple weeks ago, a dumping spot for brush, is now being transformed into a spot for the young people to play in. It’s already a magical spot.

Day Program: Coming Together

Day Program: Coming Together October 29, 2013 Each day at Talking Stick is unique. With the focus being on child and interest led learning, each day becomes a new adventure. We, as facilitators, may set up possible activities or introduce games, but the magic is really when the young people take their ideas and lead the way. This year has…

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Homeschooling, Because Science: Creativity is

Creativity is Messy A recent article in the New York Times, “It’s Not Mess, It’s Creativity” described experiments  that measured creativity differences between subjects in messy and tidy spaces. They found that test subjects in the messy room were inspired to be more creative, more likely to use divergent thinking and more attracted to novelty. The abstract concluded that participants in a…

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Day Program: Joining Hands

Joining Hands Busy hands Moving hands All around Grooving hands Discovering hands Wandering hands Look here Pondering hands Inventing hands Creating hands Carry on Parading hands Skilled hands Strong-willed hands Days with Fulfilled hands!

Maker: First Impressions

First Impressions September 12, 2013 I’ve been having a lot of firsts lately when it comes to education. A few years ago I taught my first class, an ESL kindergarten class in South Korea, a few weeks ago I began my first semester of Education courses in academia, and last Thursday I facilitated my first Maker Class with the homeschoolers…

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Math Circle Blog: Navajo Code Talkers, Plato’s Cave, and Dots

Navajo Code Talkers, Plato’s Cave, and Dots Since the students have been creating their own codes in an attempt to solve our signaling problem, we began class 3 with a lively discussion of the history and cryptology of the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII.  Almost everything in this discussion was new to everyone, but V helped out by explaining what…

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Math Circle Blog: Plato, Codes, and Exploding Dots

Plato, Codes, and Exploding Dots “I must add how charming the science of arithmetic is and in how many ways it is a subtle and useful tool to achieve our purposes, if pursued in the spirit of a philosopher, and not of a shopkeeper!’” This was the last line of a dialogue my assistant R and I read at the…

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Anthology Title and Final Dress Rehearsal

Hello, everyone. After suggesting a pool of worthy titles, the group voted for It’s A Long Story to be the anthology title. Then everyone changed into their costumes, arranged the stage and props, and took their places.  We ran through the play twice, with some time for snack, feedback about anthology work, and photos taken for the play program. Writers: For Tuesday,…

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Anthology and Play: Revisions

Hello, everyone. I met with each writer last week to discuss what he/she wants to include in the anthology, and I told everyone to work on their revisions over the course of the week and to bring in their drafts this Tuesday.  We worked on “about the author” paragraphs for the anthology.  We also ran through the play once from…

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Written Observations and Cross Questions

Hello, everyone. Our workshop began with some sharing of written observations that we had collected in our writer’s notebooks.  We played the popular game of Cross-Questions.  We then explored the writing mantra “Show, don’t tell” by looking at excerpts from The Wizard of Oz and The Secret Garden.  We discussed the feelings that Baum and Burnett were conveying and the images they used. …

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