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Our Math Circle Featured in New Book

Playing with Math, Sue van Hattum’s anthology about meaningful mathematics education, is about to be published.  The Talking Stick Math Circle (and some of our wonderful kids) is featured in a chapter entitled “On Noticing and Fairness: A Mindful Math Circle.”   Some of my favorite math educators have contributed content to this book, including James Tanton, Bob and Ellen…

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PROOFS #7: We Want to Think

(May 28, 2013)  Seventy-five minutes.  No future sessions.  Four kids.  Five proofs.  What to do? This was the dilemma facing our Math Circle today.  I’d been deliberating all week over how best to use our last session.  So many proofs.  So little time. I gave the decision to the kids in attendance, R, P, N, and G.  Our options:  a…

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