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Maker: Sculpting and Screen Printing

Sculpting and Screen Printing Week of 1/12/15 Neither the sculpting nor the “screen printing” were done in conventional ways at the Maker Workshop. Typically clay and ink are the mediums associated with these two activities but we did our best to ward off normalcy of any kind. On Tuesday, we sculpted. Using tin foil and multi-colored panels as a base, we…

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Maker: Bubbles & Sponge Sculptures

Bubbles & Sponge Sculptures Week of 10/6/14 When our Maker workshop wasn’t outside enjoying the beautiful weather, it was inside conducting science experiments and exploring “odd” mediums of art. During Tuesday’s class we concocted a super bubble mixture and then tested it out in a variety of ways. In addition to the bubbles, we divvied up 6 colored sponges and set…

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