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CANTOR #6: Attempts to Invalidate Cantor’s Work

(February 9, 2016)  Our last session.Sigh. TRANFINITE ALGEBRA When I had asked the students two weeks ago what topics they wanted to be sure to hit in this course, F had responded “something with more answers than questions, something definite.”  I came prepared with a list of “the sort of algebraic conclusions that only a special notation for the transfinite…

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CANTOR #5: Set Theory

(February 2, 2016)  My recap of our session is going to be hard to write about for 2 reasons:  (1)  I’m writing it almost a month later, and (2) we used a lot of jargon and symbols that parents may not understand.  But, I remember the big picture, and I’ll try to explain the math concepts and/or give you some…

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