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More Logic, More Factoring, and Sticking with Tough Problems

THE CRIMINALS OF THE WEEK (May 13, 2014) “It’s time talk about the criminals,” I announced to an exuberant group of kids who were not quite ready to settle into math circle.  The word criminals got their attention.  We tackled Smullyan’s Inspector Craig mystery puzzle #74.  I expected a huge struggle for 2 reasons: more clues to keep track of,…

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The Ants Go Marching

(May 6, 2014)  Today I have a quickie report and lots of photos. We started with Smuyllan’s Inspector Craig puzzle #72.  Today our variables A, B, and C represented Able, Beatrice, and Cable.  I asked the kids if they realized that these are different people from the A, B, and C last week.  “Of course,” came the reply.  Then the…

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