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Rachel Co-Leads

(May 20, 2014) Rachel Steinig co-led the session with me today, so I’ll let her tell the story of what happened: Today at Math Circle we did a lot of math (no kidding). WE started out reading a puzzle from the book by Smiullyan. I had read the puzzle earlier, sort of guessed the answer, but I never was totally…

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Math Circle Blog: Popcorn, Nose Rings, and Parameters

This Week Our Group Invents Parameters. SEPTEMBER 25, 2012: Here’s what I expected to happen in Math Circle today: The students would walk in, discuss A’s discovery of an important calculation error last week, and then continue the Popcorn Problem. I had placed unpopped popcorn kernels on the table before I told them the life story of Enrico Fermi. Hopefully,…

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