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Talking Stick Participant Receives National Poetry Award

PhotoWhen our Writing Workshop Facilitator, Paige Menton, announced to the group details about national poetry contest, ten-year-old Gioia M. of Mt. Airy was intrigued. The nationwide 2013 Sarah Mook Memorial Poetry Contest is an annual event that accepts submissions from students in Kindergarten through High School.

Entering the contest was not directly a part of the Writing Workshop, but rather an activity that each participant could choose to enter or not. Gioia opted to submit her poem, Far Out, to the contest in the grade 3 to 5 group. We are very proud to share the good news -- her poem was awarded first prize!

The poem emerged from an exercise in Writing Workshop; Paige presented the group with a list of words about space, and participants were encouraged to write poems using those words. Paige continues to spark our aspiring young writers by creating a safe creative environment where self-directed participants can chase their ideas as far as they wish, and is the reason our Writing Workshop is so popular year after year.

So, congratulations to Gioia for crafting such a beautiful poem, and to Paige for continuing to lead a writing workshop that inspires participants to create and share their work, not just among their peers but sometimes nationwide, too!

Without further delay, here is Gioia's poem, Far Out:

Far Out


Reflecting on the mirror that is space.


A chain

Designed to keep planets with their stars.


Clustering together to form a silent nursery.



Millions of them, like balls on a pool table.

Concentric rings

Like jewelry

Adorn a gas giant.

Solar flares

Light up

The black sky.



Taking light years

To reach intelligence.

The Milky Way

A dusting of paint

On a black canvas.


What creates

A lunar eclipse.



Plentiful on earth

Nonexistent near a black hole.


A light house

In the sea that is space.

Asteroid belt

A conveyer belt

Of stones.



A more poetic word

For big bang.

Black hole


And always