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Writing Games and Script Development

Hello, everyone,

This week’s writing workshop began with a new game, the Dictionary Game, in which I randomly chose an unusual word from the dictionary and participants wrote possible definitions.  I then read the real definition amidst the created definitions and everyone guessed which was the real meaning.  What do you think nyctalopia means?  Hint: it is not a plant or a city.  Then we tried writing to some of the prompts that M has been creating.  We discussed ideas and topics for the next issue of the newspaper and participants wrote in their notebooks what they had assigned themselves.  We talked about the functions of dialogue in a play, and I shared examples.  Then we played “Can’t Say It,” an exercise in which pairs created dialogue for given scenarios and were prohibited from using certain words or phrases.

The group working on the play made great progress during their independent writing time.  They will continue working on their script and develop a timeline during our next workshop.

The homework is to finish drafts of news items and to bring them with you on Tuesday. (If you have already emailed me a draft, you don’t need to bring your copy.)

From April 3 to May 1, writing workshop is going to hit the road and meet at two outdoor locations.  On April 3, we will meet at Penllyn Woods, which is about 12 minutes from Talking Stick in Lower Gwynedd Township.   For the following 4 Tuesdays, we will meet at Fort Washington State Park. I will give you directions to each park.  Each participant should bring a backpack with writer’s notebook, a sketchbook, pencil, eraser, a water bottle, and snack.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



This is a weekly update from the Writing Workshop program for participating families. Paige will be launching a Writing Workshop blog in Fall 2012.