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Writing in the Woods

Hello, everyone.

We began our Tuesday with stories about our sit spots.  Then we followed a new trail to Willow Creek.  Along the way, some of us saw a snake, and others noticed spider webs and plants we had not seen before.  My plan to look for tracks along the edges of the creek took a detour when we discovered that past storms had washed some unusual items into the creek.  The water was low and there were several wide areas of exposed rocks and silt to explore.  The group quickly assembled a pair of ski goggles, a combination lock, a heavy iron acorn-shaped weight, and a couple of other pieces of old metal, and they wanted to write about them, so we arranged them on top of a wooden horse jump that was in the middle of the path alongside the creek.  Some sat and began composing stories and poems inspired by our finds, and others continued exploring the banks of the creek. Jake counted five frogs, and Ian observed an insect like a dragonfly.

We then moved to a boardwalk path behind the community building.  Those who wanted to keep working on their stories and poems did so, and others chose plants near them to sketch and make notes about. During independent writing time back at the pavilion, the play group made more progress on their script.  Donna took those not working on the play to an area near the pond and gave them black frames to isolate parts of the landscape.  When they had framed an image they liked, she invited them to write in stream of consciousness about what they saw.  We gathered in a circle at the end to share our writing of the day, and several people were eager to share from their writing inspired by the creek and by the black frames.

We will meet next at Fort Washington State Park. We will be meeting at the pavilion next to parking lot #1.

The homework is to go back to your sit spot at least twice.  Take your notebook with you and use all of your senses.  Besides what you see, what do you hear and smell?  Is there a breeze and how does it affect what is around you?  Note at the top of your entry in your notebook the date, time of day, approximate temperature, and whether it is cloudy or sunny.

I have a poetry reading coming up on Friday, April 27, and you are all invited.  It will be at Plymouth Monthly Meeting, which is at the corner of Butler Pike and Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting.  There is a potluck at 6:00, and the reading is at 7:00.

Happy writing!


This is a weekly update from the Writing Workshop program for participating families. Paige will be launching a Writing Workshop blog in Fall 2012.