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Written Observations and Cross Questions

Hello, everyone.

Our workshop began with some sharing of written observations that we had collected in our writer’s notebooks.  We played the popular game of Cross-Questions.  We then explored the writing mantra “Show, don’t tell” by looking at excerpts from The Wizard of Oz and The Secret Garden.  We discussed the feelings that Baum and Burnett were conveying and the images they used.  Participants then chose one of four “tell” statements (ie. “The room was a mess.”) to elaborate.   I distributed copies of the character questionnaire we have used in the past to help those who are beginning to create characters for the play and those who are planning or currently working on other fictional pieces.

Independent writing time was used to begin formulating ideas for the play, to create some comics, to give and receive feedback about works-in-progress, and to work on new ideas inspired by the prompts in the “show, don’t tell” exercise.

We DO NOT meet this Tuesday, March 13 during Talking Stick’s spring break.  The homework is to keep your eyes and ears open for article ideas for the next issue of the newspaper.  Record all article ideas in your writer’s notebook, as well as any interesting words, observations of your surroundings, tidbits of overheard conversation, inspiring captions on billboards, etc.

Happy warm end of winter!


This is a weekly update from the Writing Workshop program for participating families. Paige will be launching a Writing Workshop blog in Fall 2012.