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Symmetry: The Questions (ESCHER #2)

(January 13, 2015)  For the most part, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking this week.  They tell the mathematical story of our session via the students’ work and question. We continue to wrangle over the definition/types of symmetry.  I posed 2 new questions this week: 1)  Can you get a mirror image of an object using rotation…

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A Mathematician’s Task (TEEN CIRCLE 1)

  A Mathematician’s Task (TEEN CIRCLE 1) NOVEMBER 5, 2013 Suppose you have an opportunity to play a game that costs $1 to play.  You have a 50% chance of winning.  If you do win, you get $3, but if you lose, you get nothing.  Should you play? I asked this question after some brief discussion of Math Circle practices…

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Math Circle Blog: Infinity, the Prime Directive, and Perplexity

It’s Good to be Perplexed in Math N came up to the board a number of times as we continued last week’s probability problem.*  D had planned to start class with a new approach, but didn’t because his ideas had changed over the week.  N first came up to question the possibility of actually choosing chords randomly.  He suggested an…

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