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Math Circle Continuation and Changes

Greetings to current and former Math Circle families, A lot is new in the world of the Math Renaissance (formerly Talking Stick) Math Circle: New name, location, website New course schedules New way to subscribe to blog New podcast Gratitudes Here are the details: Our new home: Course schedules for the fall and winter 2021-22 are posted. The overarching…

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Why We Changed Our Name

When I gave a budding homeschooling organization the name Talking Stick back in 2005, I was really pleased with myself. It harkened back to an ancient tradition of a kind of democratic, consensus-based practice of making sure every voice is heard. And that’s how I wanted the organization to be: that every participating youth had a say in how they…

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Human Trafficking, COVID, and Graph Theory

“Aw, are we talking about human trafficking again? I don’t want to feel sad,” said F at the beginning of the session following the human-trafficking discussion. I was grateful to F since I wasn’t sure whether to continue that topic or move to something else. Thanks to his comment, I knew what to do.

Math Circle Scheduling and Enrollment Update

Enrollment for our early fall course, The Cookie Monster Problem, is full with a waiting list. We tailored the schedule for the families enrolled, as people who met the priority-enrollment criteria signed up before the schedule was finalized. We’d like to get scheduling input from any of you who would definitely sign your young people up for the other three…

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Math Circle FAQs 2020-21

What courses are you offering? You can see the list and register here: How and when will the class time be determined? For the first course of the year (The Cookie Monster Problem) the exact time will be announced at the end of the day on Thursday, September 10. Families who definitely intend to enroll if the schedule works…

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ONLINE Math Circle starts this week

We are happy to announce that the Harmony Learning Community Math Circle is going online for our final course of this academic year: Mathematical Models. * In this course, students will explore three underlying themes: math can be used to model real life; mathematical structures underlie much in life; and the study of mathematics meets many human emotional needs. Planned…

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Reducing Human Trafficking through Math

Middle-school Math Circle students use graph theory to examine the problem of human trafficking.

Data Interpretation and Analysis

(February 5, 2020) “Suppose there was an election for Official Ice Cream Flavor of the USA, and the choices were ravioli, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, mango, vanilla, and chocolate. Which voting methods could be used?” So began our class, which was filled with debate, questions, and conjectures as I posed more questions. “Suppose the country votes state by state…

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Caucusing and the Four-Color Theorem

(January 30, 2020) Last week I made up a silly example of laws about dairy-product usage and decided today that I’m just going to run with it. “Suppose that your state is going to vote for a leader and that all citizens and candidates only care about one issue: the law that you can keep dairy products in your refrigerator…

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Open House: Wednesday, February 12th

Harmony Learning Community is hosting an open house on Wednesday, February 12th, from 10am-12pm. Stop by to talk to staff and participants about our programs for homeschoolers ages 4-17. We will be hosting the entire open house at our Garden Classroom. We have several families attending with young people in different age groups, so we are planning to have all…

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