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Why We Changed Our Name

When I gave a budding homeschooling organization the name Talking Stick back in 2005, I was really pleased with myself. It harkened back to an ancient tradition of a kind of democratic, consensus-based practice of making sure every voice is heard. And that’s how I wanted the organization to be: that every participating youth had a say in how they…

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There’s been a rare sighting of the elusive homeschooling teenager in their natural habitat! So many homeschooled youth choose the road more traveled: high school. Many cite fear of not being able to get into college with a homeschooling diploma that Mom created on Photoshop. Some are looking for academics that their parents simply cannot provide, some are seeking out…

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A Mixed Bag

I had a very good “education”; a prestigious Quaker school, a top-rated high school, the Ivy Leagues. And then, complete alienation from mainstream education.

Beyond Homeschooling

Flexibility in academic work is one of the many benefits of choosing to homeschool. You can learn to read when you are developmentally ready, be exposed to mathematical concepts through experiences, and write poems in the woods. What gets less attention is the emotional/developmental/social aspects of human existence. The effects that traditional schools have on these aspects are primarily negative….

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The Unique Value of Harmony: The Facilitator

Over the years at Harmony I have come to realize what is the most important aspect of the work we do: The Facilitation. The physical environment, the materials used and the content offered pale in comparison to the integral nature of the quality of the adult facilitation. The people who currently work and those who have worked in the past…

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Harmony Favorites: Games Worth Acquiring!

Labyrinth The board consists of shiftable cards that make up a scrambled maze in the beginning. The object of the game is for each player to collect as quickly as possible all seven treasures depicted on their individual treasure cards. The treasures are fun things like a ring, an ogre, and a princess. The strategy and visual thinking parts come…

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Sticks and Stones: The Pros and Cons of Rough Play

The “sticky” subject of combat play explored by founder and armchair anthropologist, Katie O’Connor.

The Bigger Picture: Agents of Social Change

How to raise and educate our children to be agents of social change.

The Bigger Picture: Unconscious Communication

Unconscious Communication I’ve been wondering about the unconscious ways we adults communicate with young people and how to bring awareness to them. For example, tone of voice reflects what a person is thinking and feeling to varying degrees (whether intentional or not). One may use a sweet “patient” tone and words but the throbbing vein in the temple gives more…

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Maker: Having Visions

Having Visions “A revolution is underway. But it’s not about tearing down the old guard. It’s about building, It’s about creating, it’s about breathing life into groundbreaking new ideas. It’s called the Maker Movement and it’s changing the world.”–Maker Manifesto Talking Stick participating in the Maker Movement is a very natural extension of what we have been doing for years….

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