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Day Program: Unplugged

TalkingStick Day Program 9-24-13


September 24, 2013

Setting out on our day's journey unplugged and tuned in.

It's one of the things about which I am particularly grateful. As we greet and develop our groove for the day program at Talking Stick, we open our eyes to the world of the arboretum. The "screen" of our natural world. We can shut down outside distractors and immerse ourselves in adventures, discoveries, imaginations, and wonder!

TalkingStick Day Program 9-24-13

A quiet conversation during our stroll. Sharing stories. Listening. Discussing. Enjoying the presence of each other.

TalkingStick Day Program 9-24-13

Our search for a rich compost pile brings about discussions of what is decomposable and what is not, what happens to the pile as it decomposes, what does it become, how is it used, and what should we bring for snack that will contribute to our very own compost container? Yes! We will be composting!

TalkingStick Day Program 9-24-13

The sign on the ground reads "Dump Here."

TalkingStick Day Program 9-24-13

We stand there pondering this command. R opens the door to a joke. "What if the compost is dumped on top of the sign? How would we ever know where to dump our container?"
Ah - the sweet sound of acoustic giggles all around.


  1. Beautiful, Andy! Leif has been chatting about composting a lot since last week, and it was the very first thing he told me about that afternoon.