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Math Circle FAQs 2020-21

What courses are you offering?

You can see the list and register here:

How and when will the class time be determined?

For the first course of the year (The Cookie Monster Problem) the exact time will be announced at the end of the day on Thursday, September 10. Families who definitely intend to enroll if the schedule works can email Rodi ( directly with schedule preferences (time, day of week) by Wednesday, September 9. We will do our best to schedule the course to meet the needs of the participants. This particular course will meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays between 10am-2pm.

On September 10, we will post schedule info on the Talking Stick Math Circle Blog, on the Talking Stick Website, on the Talking Stick Facebook Page, and also to Rodi’s Math Circle email distribution list. (Email Rodi to get on this list if you’re interested.)

We welcome input on schedule preferences for the future courses as well.

How is enrollment prioritized?

  1. Families with Talking Stick Family Membership:
  2. If spots remain, local families who have previously participated in the Virtual Talking Stick Math Circle
  3. If spots remain, local families who have previously participated in the In-Person Talking Stick Math Circle
  4. If spots remain, local students (homeschoolers and school students are all welcome)

How do I get on the waiting list?

Email Rodi at

When will the courses open up to the waiting list?

If not all spots have been taken by families with Talking Stick Memberships, students on the waiting list will be offered spots 48 hours before the first session. If you are on the waiting list, make sure to have a plan to obtain the required materials before the course begins.

Will the enrollment cap always be just 6 students?

We hope to increase class size once we can meet in person (if a larger group is COVID-safe).

What are the participant requirements for meeting virtually?

Each student should have a laptop or desktop computer with a mouse or a pen tool. It’s difficult for students to do a hands-on math workshop via Zoom on a tablet. The device should have a working microphone and speaker, or students can wear a headset.  Ideally we’d like students to have an adult within voice-range to offer support with tech and supplies as needed. Enrolled families must sign a liability form before attending.

What are the participant requirements for meeting in-person outdoors?

We hope to transition from virtual meetings to in-person outdoor sessions when safe. We require all participants (students and all adults present) to wear masks, social distance, and hand wash/sanitize.