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New Natural Playground at Talking Stick!


On a Saturday in August, a bunch of Talking Stick families and facilitators got together and started the work on a new natural play area at the Garden Classroom.  It was a day full of a lot of enthusiasm from the adults and young ones alike.

What was, a couple weeks ago, a dumping spot for brush, is now being transformed into a spot for the young people to play in.  It's not quite finished yet, but it's already turned into a magical spot, right across from the Garden Classroom, but tucked back enough that it feels a little like a secret spot.

As soon as each new item was set up, the kids immediately climbed on the log balance beam, or tire, or spool, to test it out.  Instant success, roll out a log and immediately the playing and exploration begins.

All the materials used for the playground were found and/or repurposed.  Birch logs and river rocks collected in the Catskills, logs and sticks from the Awbury property, cable spools and a backhoe tire from Steve's work, and paint donated by an artist friend and others.

And a lot of hard work by us.

We are having another work day to finish in up on Saturday, September 6, 10 am to 3 pm.

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