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New Teen Classes for Winter/Spring 2018

Classes Begin Monday, January 29th

Cultural Anthropology

This class runs for about eight weeks and entails reading a variety of ethnographies, which are extensive studies of particular cultures. We examine instances of cultural relativism, ethnocentrism, quantitative research, racism, identity politics, and more throughout the history of the academic discipline of anthropology. For example, we compare and contrast early ethnographic work with current trends in anthropology. We look at and discuss customs that may be very different from our own as well as analyzing aspects of our own culture(s). We explore concepts such as gender, childhood and religion as well as customs such as ancestor worship, mourning rituals, puberty initiation, and anthropomorphism. The format consists of power point presentations, discussions, activities and exercises. A highlight is developing ideas about our own utopian visions by using what we have learned about other cultures.
8 weeks, 9am - 11am, $125

Exploring the Poem

In this course, participants will explore poetic elements, themes, strategies, and issues as are relevant to the poems being studied, including the historical/cultural contexts in which they were written. Readings include works from diverse cultural contexts, including, for example, poems by women, African Americans, other minorities, and non-Western writers. We will engage in close and imaginative readings with the goal of appreciating each poem’s unique contribution to the art, as well as developing our ability to articulate our relationship with the piece. Participants will have the option to generate new work through exercises and experiments inspired by the piece we are exploring.
15 weeks, 1pm - 2pm, $125

Introduction to self-defense and martial arts 

In this introduction to the discipline of Karate, students will analyze and demonstrate the application of traditional karate techniques, including blocking, punching, kicking, striking, and stances, as well as an understanding of traditional martial arts etiquette, and respect for themselves, others, and the art. Study of the martial arts develops a measurable sense of accomplishment and an integration of mind and body, contributing to greater self-esteem as well as improving flexibility, strength, and general physical health.
15 weeks, 2pm - 3pm, $125

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