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ONLINE Math Circle starts this week

We are happy to announce that the Harmony Learning Community Math Circle is going online for our final course of this academic year: Mathematical Models.


In this course, students will explore three underlying themes: math can be used to model real life; mathematical structures underlie much in life; and the study of mathematics meets many human emotional needs. Planned activities will include the M&M Death and Immigration Problem, Conway’s game of Life, the Fold and Cut Theorem, Fermi problems, and the Pigeonhole Principle. This course is inspired by and Eric Dermaine’s work on recreational mathematics and especially by Francis Su’s work on mathematics for human flourishing. Underlying mathematical concepts and skills include number sense, pattern-seeking, the ability to generalize, prediction, geometry, estimation, algebraic thinking, proof, algorithms, iteration, and self-replication.

We will adapt the topics to best suit students' needs. Whether in-person or online, Math Circles are organic and are co-created moment by moment.


  • Recommended age range is 10-12.
  • Sessions meet on Thursday afternoons from 1-2pm from 4/23-5/14 for 1 hour on Thursdays from 1-2pm. (4 sessions, 4 hours of instruction.) The course might be extended to 6 weeks for interested students. The above description is at least 6 weeks of content!
  • Sessions will run on Zoom. (Zoom classroom donated by Natural Math Zoom, with security features optimized by Natural Math.)
  • Enrollment is limited to 6 students. Currently 4 are enrolled. Enrollment will be prioritized for prior Math Circle participants, Talking Stick Learning Center students, and then will open to others.
  • Tuition for the course of 4 sessions is on a sliding scale from $80-$100 total, according to families’ ability to pay.
  • Initially a must be in the room with the student during the sessions, but we can move to students only with appropriate liability releases signed.
  • Students will need to bring some supplies occasionally (scissors, paper, printouts, M&Ms, etc.).
  • Email for more information or to enroll.

* mathematical art credit: Joanna Steinig