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Reading Shakespeare for Homeschooled Teens

We had great success of reading Julius Caesar, and the unanimous vote of the participants is read more Shakespeare. This class is perfect for teens who want to experience the sound of reading Shakespeare's plays outside of the theater.  New participants are encouraged to join us. We start reading Macbeth next week.

We have extended the homeschool Shakespeare class all the way to the week after spring break. If at that time the participants want to keep going, we will choose three more plays to do in April and May (and that will be Shakespeare II).

Shakespeare I
6 weeks, 2/22 to 4/5

Thursdays, 1pm to 3pm, $95

Macbeth (2/22, 3/1, 3/8)
A Comedy (students choice) (3/15, 3/22, 4/5 )

This will be a group reading and study of 2 more of Shakespeare's plays:  “Macbeth”, and a comedy that the group will select. The first week of each play will be a brief intro to the history and background of the story, a review of some basics on how to read Shakespeare, and handing out of books. We will be using the latest edition of the Folgers Shakespeare Library for each play; it will be helpful for everyone to use the same book and edition so Talking Stick will be supplying the books. At the beginning of each scene, we will assign roles (on a rotating basis) and we will read the play aloud as a group. Everyone reads, and everyone helps and supports each other. The facilitator will pause as needed to review key points and topics.  We will read 2 to 3 acts each week. Participants are encouraged to read ahead at home so they are more comfortable with the material. No experience necessary! This is a very casual and fun session; you can usually find us sitting on the floor, in a circle, in one of the beautiful parlor rooms at the Cope House, laughing and supporting each other as together we discover the magic of The Bard.

Costumes are welcome.

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