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We Need Lots of Weirdly Cool Stuff

What have you got collecting dust in your garage?

Talking Stick is offering a brand new S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math) programming this year and we are seeking assistance in gathering materials for our Makers.

S.T.E.A.M. Wishlist

  • sewing machines
  • notebooks
  • bicycle rims
  • pallets
  • scrap wood
  • carpentry tools - hand saw, sand paper, nails, screws, drill, googles, gloves
  • gardening tools, gloves, baskets, small shovels, spades, fork
  • scissors
  • paper, various types including water color
  • large pieces of cardboard esp thick sturdy cardboard
  • crayons, markers, including sharpies, colored pencils, chalk, charcoal, pastels
  • paint, household and art including water color, gauche
  • fabric (a great source for great fabric are upholstery stores; they often have large pieces left over from projects and will save them for you if you pick up on a regular basis.)
  • notions, thread, elastic
  • exacto knives, extra blades rulers, cut pads, protractors,
  • compasses
  • dictionary, thesaurus
  • digital cameras
  • photo paper
  • electrical kits
  • tape- duct, scotch, masking
  • hot glue gun/ hot glue
  • glue sticks
  • yarn
  • Lego robotics
  • canning jars
  • gears, trinkets, misc interesting junk
  • hardware, fasteners, in various sizes.
  • Aluminum foil
  • vibration motor
  • a batteries, large variety
  • LED
  • magnets of all kinds
  • insulated wire
  • copper wire
  • paper clips
  • computers
  • Soldering irons
  • Thermaltake 120mm Fan (Black/Red) (Model: A2368 | Catalog #: 28-1108)
  • Fully Insulated 9V Battery Snap Connectors (Model: 270-325 | Catalog #: 270-325)
  • Enercell® Alkaline 9 Volt Battery (Model: 23-853 | Catalog #: 23-853)
  • craft markers
  • rubber bands

Naturalist Wish List

  • field guides
  • plant presses
  • pencils
  • black, fine-point pens
  • watercolor pencils
  • watercolor paper
  • 6-10 microscopes
  • blank and prepared slides
  • more Private Eye loupes
  • specimen collecting boxes and bottles

If you have a donate contact our facilitator Asha ( or Paige (